Killington Mountain Coaster

The Challenge

Killington Resort wanted to install a mountain coaster to positively impact the Mountain’s brand experience and summer ROI. ADG was chosen to build a  world class coaster attraction to anchor their summer operations expansion and develop a plan to operate within existing infrastructure.

Killington Mountain Coaster Building

The Solution

With a comprehensive project support approach, partnership mindset and industry leading coaster technology, the expert planners at ADG and Killington personnel worked in concert to develop a plan for the coaster that would successfully meld with the existing winter and summer operations as well as future development plans.

Using its extensive construction and manufacturing experience, ADG developed line-item costs for each facet of the coaster project. With all welding completed in ADG’s manufacturing plant, every track section came ready for bolt-up assembly and installation which was completed on site in just seven and a half weeks.

Killington Mountain Coaster Track

The Result

The Killington Mountain Coaster exceeded expectations – over 20,000 rides in the first 6 weeks! The ride was up and running less than halfway into the peak summer season despite a late May construction start and one of the rainiest Junes in Vermont history. Customer reviews are strong with summer weekend ridership in the range of 600-700 persons daily.

Killington Mtn Coaster

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