Hyatt Hill Country

The Challenge

The Hyatt Hill Country wanted to add an attraction that could be easily incorporated into their existing footprint and make their resort a “first in market” with an attraction that would provide guests with a unique and exciting experience. The Hyatt Hill Country called upon ADG to easily integrate an attraction within resort that would appeal to a large demographic and increase repeat visitation & revenue growth.

Hyatt Hill Country FlowRider

The Solution

The FlowRider- open to the public, this popular skill-based attraction easily draws guests from the lucrative teen and young adult demographic. Hyatt Regency Hill Country embarked on a ‘FLOyalty’ program to generate additional revenue by influencing repeat visitation and longer time on property.

Adjacent F&B sales, personalized lessons and special “Flow Show” events all entice guests to try the ride and extend their time on property.

Hyatt Hill Country FlowRider

The Result

As the first resort in Texas to add the FlowRider, the Hyatt Regency Hill Country has welcomed ongoing success through an increase in F&B sales, repeat guest visitation, their ‘FLOyalty’ program and hosting of the ‘FlowTour’- a national crowd drawing event featuring the popular sport of competitive flowboarding.

Hyatt Hill Country FlowRider

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