Camelback Mtn Slide

The Challenge

Camelback Mountain Adventure Park wanted to bring back an innovative take on an iconic Mountainside attraction, the alpine slide. Utilizing the mountain vistas and topography, ADG was able to build the slide to fit within the current infrastructure, minimizing building costs and maximizing ROI with the ever exciting, and newly improved, Mountain Slide.

CBK Mountain Alpine Slide Overview

The Solution

ADG developed the new Mountain Slide with a non-abrasive fiberglass track. Two dueling chutes run 2,800 feet, each careening up to two riders down the side of Camelback Mountain through multiple dips, high G turns and tunnels. Giving the riders the sensation similar to a bobsled ride, a wheeled car navigates the slides, controlled by a hand brake for complete speed control. ADG also revamped the sleds with rear wheels that better follow the curvature of the track to eliminate ‘fishtailing’, while a patented speed restricter increases guest safety without negatively impacting rider enjoyment.

Camelback Mtn Alpine Slide

The Result

The addition of the Mountain Slide to the CBK Adventure Park resulted in immediate gains in revenue. It has engaged guests from day one as a popular add-on to package bundles at the adventure park, keeping guests on property longer with the option to partake in a variety of attractions. Due to its driver-controlled nature, the Mountain Slide has appealed to guests of all ages.

Camelback Alpine Mountain Slide

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