Camelback Mountain Coaster

The Challenge

Building upon the success of their waterpark, Camelback Resort increased their summer offerings and created CBK Mountain Adventures, a complete outdoor adventure park with tree-top zip line courses, ropes courses and a multitude of other attractions. In 2012, as part of a $3 million expansion, CBK decided to build the first ever Mountain Coaster in PA. They once again turned to the innovative experts at ADG to utilize mountain vistas and topography to best advantage, maximize ROI and build to fit current infrastructure.

CBK Mountain Coaster_Track

The Solution

After a thorough examination of the existing terrain, facilities, and operations ADG recommended placement for the Mountain Coaster that would leverage existing amenities and infrastructure for greater ROI. The 4,500 ft. long course was designed to crisscross through wooded landscape allowing for multiple 360-degree turns, dips, zigs and zags, providing an attraction to guests unlike any other in the area.

CBK Mountain Coaster Lifestyle

The Result

The addition of the Mountain Coaster to the CBK Adventure Park resulted in immediate gains in revenue. It has become a key marketable attraction to entice first time visitors and increase repeat visitations from past guests eager to try the new ride.

CBK Mountain Coaster_Track

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