Berkshire East

The Challenge

Berkshire East wanted to build an attraction that would set their mountain apart from the competition and be an anchor for their growing summer business.  The requirements for the attraction were to be unique to the area, attract key demographic groups including families, teens and young adults, offer appeal to the entire family, compliment their existing array of summer activities and be able to operate year round to generate additional revenue.

Berkshire East_Track

The Solution

A 5,450 ft. Mountain Coaster by ADG, the longest coaster in North America.  Designed and built in the US, ADG’s new generation Mountain Coaster offered the perfect solution to providing year-round thrills” to Berkshire Easts guests.  ADG’s Mountain Coaster brings genuine, made in the USA, thrills and excitement to the mountainside like no other coaster on the market can.

Berkshire East Mountain Coaster

The Result

PR Buzz!  Berkshire East’s opening of their coaster in the Fall of 2014 generated a lot of local and trade press surrounding the highly anticipated “Thunderbolt” Mountain Coaster.  Results for the fall season were better then anticipated with customers riding multiple times and providing much positive feedback.  With it’s unprecedented number of dips, turns and screwdriver 360’s, the ADG Mountain Coaster at Berkshire East is quickly setting the bar for excellence within the industry.

Berkshire East Mountain Coaster

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