Adventure Lagoon at H2OBX

The Challenge

The new state-of-the-art H2OBX Waterpark wanted to incorporate a unique, skill based water ride that would captivate guests of all ages and skill levels and promote multiple trials. They also wanted to create an attraction where guests could stay and play for an extended period of time and be in the water, versus on a line.

Aerial of Adventure Lagoon ADG Water Ride

The Solution

An innovative three-in-one ride, ADG’s Adventure Lagoon was the perfect attraction designed for the active play area. With multiple entry points throughout, guests can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the ride. ADG’s designers utilized the compact space allocated for the ride to maximize active capacity, pushing an average of 140 people through the climb, crawl, and balance soft mat obstacles in a 3,900 sqft footprint. The Adventure Lagoon was designed to include a combination of ride features that appeal to a wide range of ages and skill levels. H2OBX Waterpark was able to further capitalize on the competitive and skill-based nature of the ride, encouraging partner competition and increasing spectator viewing appeal.

Adventure Lagoon at H2OBX

The Result

The areas surrounding the Adventure Lagoon water ride was consistently crowded with spectators excited to watch others race across the attraction. Guests completed multiple trials on the ride, encouraging one another to stay and play, and spending more time on property.

Kids Playing on Adventure Lagoon at H2OBX

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