Capture more vacation dollars from your target customers and give your guests another reason to choose your mountain over the competition. To create the ideal mountain getaway destination and keep beds filled year round, ADG brings you creative water solutions for indoor and outdoor water parks that take your guests beyond the slopes to drive increased visitation and length of stay.

Mountainside Waterparks

Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

Outdoor Water Parks

Looking to tap into the lucrative mountainside summer market?  Outdoor waterparks are a proven destination driver and provide the perfect summer escape for guests who want a fun day in the sun or a longer vacation getaway in the mountains.  But building on a mountainside can be tricky and you need an expert familiar not only with multi-season operational constraints but with building on mountainous terrain.

ADG has built more mountain water parks than any other company in the industry and we understand the intricacies involved with developing around existing winter operations.  And we respect the need to not interfere with your winter ski season.  Our development plans take into consideration not only the timing of the build but every element of the terrain, including existing operational facilities that can be used to enhance efficiency and make your mountain work for you year round.

Mountain Indoor Waterpark

Indoor Water Parks

When the slopes close at 5:00pm why not give your guests a reason to stick around! ADG’s indoor waterparks create the perfect year-round aquatic setting to attract guests in every season, helping put heads into beds year round.

Indoor waterparks are the perfect complement to keep guests on property longer, generating additional f&b sales and increasing room rates. From bright and colorful themed aquatic adventures to sophisticated, upscale resort style settings, ADG provides the creative water solution custom tailored to work for your mountain resort setting. Capture more vacation dollars from your target customers, increase your demographic appeal, and give guests another reason to choose your mountain over the competition.

Camelbeach mountain resort river

Stand Alone Recreational Attractions

Water attractions are the perfect fit for any mountainside resort and with ADG’s line of all-inclusive Water Ride Attractions you can take advantage of your existing infrastructure and operational practices to create a one-of-a-kind mountain experience.  Not ready for a full-blown water park? Choose from among several ADG water ride options that are easily built-out to incorporate room for decking, cabana rental, entertainment venues and F&B.

You can also choose to add the ever popular FlowRider® to your mountain and translate the skill of snowboarding to the thrill of surfboarding!  FlowRider is the worlds most popular skill-based surfing attraction that targets a wide demographic range including the lucrative teen and family market. The FlowRider is a strong market differentiator that will set your mountain apart from the competition year round.  With a compact footprint and easy install process, the FlowRider may be the perfect platform to launch your foray into recreational water.

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