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When it comes to building attractions with water, the experts at ADG are your answer.  From incorporating realistic water motion into aquatic exhibits to creating themed water parks that increase your park offerings, ADG provides the solutions that work for your zoo or aquarium.

Zoos and Aquariums

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Make Some Waves with ADG 

ADG can help you breathe life and excitement into your aquarium or zoo, adding entertainment value, attracting new visitors, and increasing sea life support efficiency, all while keeping your number one customer in mind – kids (of all ages)!

Our exclusive WaveTek® wave system technology that powers wave pools and rivers in theme parks around the world, is adapted to create realistic and efficient sea life exhibits and displays for the perfect aquatic attraction.  No other company has the ability to deliver creative, revenue-generating equipment and attractions, from concept to completion, like ADG.


Water Motion for Aquariums & Exhibits

zoo and aquarium wave generationBring your aquatic displays to life with realistic real-world simulation utilizing ADG’s custom wave generation and water motion systems. Our award winning technologies and specialty wave applications, combined with extensive scale modeling and testing, are designed to provide you with realistic and efficient sea life, coral, or kelp exhibits.

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Water Park Planning & Construction

water park at zooIncrease season pass subscriptions and memberships with a proven way to attract more guests and enhance educational learning through interactive themed play. ADG is the industry leader in designing and building waterparks and recreational water attractions.

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