First Ever Tidal River® Ride Debuts at Canobie Lake Park IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | September 27, 2018

Adding to their list of water ride installations, Aquatic Development Group (ADG) announces that the first ever Tidal River® ride has opened at Canobie Lake Park this season as the feature ride of their Castaway Island Water Park.

“Canobie Lake Park’s Tidal River has been a passion project for our staff. ADG’s vision of how the Tidal River ride and Castaway Island expansion would come together was second to none.” said Chris Nicoli, Brand Manager, Canobie Lake Park, “We couldn’t be happier with our new ride and can’t wait for our guests to experience it.”

The Tidal River at Canobie Lake Park is a 17,500 sqft, 20′ wide, fast-paced action river that starts riders off in a beach entry pool. As the guest enters the ride, they are quickly swept through one of two side channels that opens into a fast-paced river straightaway, where the real excitement begins.

ADG’s Wavetek® wave system powers the ride and produces a tidal wave that catapults riders down the river with a massive swell of water. As riders are pushed around the corner, the lapping waves continue to move patrons towards the end of the ride where they can see the scenic rock work and waterfall features in the beach entry pool.

“We designed the Tidal River water ride to create a new and exciting river ride experience. It’s a differentiating attraction for properties and is great for guests of all ages,” said Jim Dunn, President of ADG.

The Castaway Island expansion designed by ADG, also includes a 60′ tower with three water slides, the “Lil’ Squirts Lagoon” kids play area, 11 private cabanas, a new restaurant, a tiki bar and new changing facilities.

“Certainly, a project of this magnitude takes a lot of different people to come together to produce what we were looking for with Castaway Island,” said Nicoli, “Working with ADG has been a great and seamless partnership, we’re very happy with the expansion put together for us this year.”

Tidal River is part of ADG’s innovative line of water ride series. These water ride attractions are designed around the theory of getting guests off of the line and into the water for a better overall waterpark experience. The Tidal River at Canobie Lake Park is the 8th water ride installation that has opened since the launch of the product line in 2016.

For more information on Tidal River download our project fact sheet and ADG’s full line of water ride attractions visit: adgwaterrides.com


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