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ADG’s Bruce Quay is featured on ‘Beyond the Ocean’ Podcast IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | May 11, 2022

Beyond the Ocean is a podcast made by Surf Park Central where they feature surf parks, wave generating technologies, and the future of surfing outside the ocean. Featuring interviews with industry experts, technology leaders, innovators, and surfing legends to explore this exciting new movement. Bruce Quay, the COO of Aquatic Development Group (ADG), the team behind EpicSurf sits down with SPC to discuss the path that led him to become COO of a water park design and wave manufacturing company, as well as ADG’s extensive background in the industry, getting people outside and into water sports; and explains how EpicSurf and stationary surf waves will create a more inclusive surf experience at surf parks and other adventure parks.

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In the episode, Quay also discusses Play Surf Ride, ADG’s concept for water-based adventure parks that incorporate everything from recreational water play and waves, to surf pools, to dry-park adventures, that provide a complete family experience. He also discusses their history with the FlowRider system and how some of ADG’s initiatives will create more surfing opportunities sooner than later.

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