Seasonal Ski Resorts Are Drawing More Guests Year-Round IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | March 10, 2016

A recent article by Hotel News Now points out that the added value of providing guests with entertainment and attraction opportunities year-round instead of limiting options to a single season. Find out what top resorts around the country are doing to successfully transition from the single season concept to year-round destination draw.

“In some of our ski resorts, we’ve actually seen a lot more revenue now coming from the summer seasons, which we used to call the offseason – but has really become our peak season,” said Sean Mullen, president of acquisitions for Noble House Hotels & Resorts.

“We have something to keep people busy all year long…these options have helped the property during periods of little or no snow,” notes Bob Sassani, Regional VP of Gemstone Hotels & Resorts.

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