Killington Mountain Coaster
From Concept to Coaster IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | February 2, 2017

The Process of Building a Successful Mountain Coaster Ride.

A Case Study: Killington Resort, Killington, VT

Killington Resort, known by ski and boarding enthusiasts as “The Beast of the East”, was in search of an attraction that would anchor their summer operations expansion project. In early 2014 they contacted the team at ADG, and initial discussions on the prospect of installing a mountain coaster began.

Throughout the summer of 2014 Killington officials did their homework on the mountain coasters available  in the market. They traveled to experience various mountain coaster installations and completed the due diligence required to make certain that the addition of a coaster would prove to have a positive impact on the Mountain’s brand experience and bottom line.

By the fall of 2014, Killington determined that the ADG Mountain Coaster was the best ride on the market and that the team at ADG, with their indepth knowledge of the ski market industry and their dedication to product innovation and advancements in coaster technology, was the team they wanted as a partner in this venture.

To read the full story of Killington Resort and the addition of their successful ADG Mountain Coaster Ride Download the White Paper entitled, “From Concept to Coaster”



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