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When you work with ADG, you are working with the undisputed leader in wave generation technology and wave pool design and construction. With an experienced staff of designers and engineers dedicated to building a better wave, we can confidently say that if you can dream it, we can build it.

From 2 ft. to 8 ft., our Wave Generation systems, powered by our exclusive WaveTekTM technology, are designed to make a splash and deliver exactly the type of application you need – whether for fun or form.  ADG’s experienced and dedicated team focuses on achieving truly superior waves for virtually any application – splash lagoons, sea life exhibits, recreational waves, river systems, specialty applications, high performance swimming pools and more.

Learn more about the difference in wave systems and applications and why more people have counted on ADG Wave Generation than any other wave system in the world.


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At ADG, we know waves. For the past 50 years, ADG has consistently introduced new technologies and design innovations that have quickly become the industry standards. We’ve installed 90% of the wave systems in North America using our exclusive WaveTekTM technology and our wave generation systems are installed in over 4,000 facilities worldwide.


ADg wave generation -wave generatorsManufactured to Perform

Making waves is tough on equipment. Our stainless steel construction is built stronger to last longer. And because we manufacture all of our own wave equipment, we can ensure excellent quality control and on-time delivery.  Our experience translates to profitability for our clients as our waves, and the equipment that powers them, are built to entertain, and built to last.


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Waterparks, resorts, aquatic centers and municipalities – if there are waves, chances are they are powered by an ADG Wave Generation system.  With more than 4,000 installations world wide, no one knows better than ADG how to turn flat water into fun.  From recreation to high action adventure in pools, rivers, lagoons and more, discover the many ways waves can work for you.


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From Hollywood to your local aquarium, ADG’s Wave Generation systems have been counted on time and again to deliver an authentic aquatic experience.  From realistic ocean waves in motion pictures to authentic sea life exhibits, coral reef and kelp environments, fountain displays and more, ADG is called on more often than any other company to deliver unique, often first-of-its-kind systems and technologies to create the desired effect and simulation.

Experienced Partner

When you hire ADG, you get a partner who will stay true to your vision while giving you options and considerations for cost-effectively improving the value and versatility of your investment in waves. And, you’ll benefit from our unique InDepthTM approach, taking your project from concept to completion – designing, building and constructing your wave system, or entire aquatic project, like no other company in the industry can.

Contact ADG  to plan, design, manufacture and build a wave generation system that is fully adaptable to your specific project needs.

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