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Year-Round Revenue; Short-Term ROI – Simply A Better Ride

MountainsidesTM by ADG is a line of specialty mountain products designed to drive guest visitation and generate revenue . Both the Alpine Mountain Coaster and the Mountain Slide are exciting attractions, rated highest in the industry for revenue generating capability and customer draw.   Some say they are the best thing to happen to ski and mountainside resorts since, well, skis.

A Mountain of Revenue

An Alpine Mountain Coaster or Slide can quickly and affordably transform your mountain from a place offering one activity to a destination with multiple options. Appealing to a large demographic, they open your resort to new, three and four season trails for thrill seekers and family caravans alike.

Setting the Standard

Leading the way in safety innovation, the Mountain Coaster and Mountain Slide, manufactured exclusively by ADG in the United States, employ proprietary, industry leading safety features that protect guests and the profitability of your investment. Combined with ADG’s undisputed reputation in industry innovation, and over fifty years of design and recreational equipment manufacturing experience, your project will be completed on-time and on-budget.

Industry Know How

The owner of ADG, Ken Ellis, is also the co-owner of Camelback Ski Resort in the Northeast. And he knows first-hand what it takes to run a successful mountain resort, in season and off. That in-house knowledge and expertise is something no other coaster or slide manufacturer can offer. Our coaster tracks are versatile, and our slides simple to install. We provide the flexibility for turnkey delivery, where we fully plan, design, manufacture and build your new mountain attraction. Or, we can tailor project delivery options to your specifications, making it easy for you to obtain, run and market your new attraction. Download the MountainsidesTM Palm Card here.

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