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From commercial pool equipment, like moveable floors and bulkheads – to award winning wave generators and sheet wave technology that powers the popular Flowrider – to superior roofing systems that create the perfect environment for indoor waterparks – to industry breakthroughs in mountain track design and safety systems – the product development team at ADG is continuously creating new and innovative ways to enhance the industries we serve.

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Innovation in product design has a long history at ADG.  For over 50 years we have been the leading manufacturer of innovative, revenue-generating aquatic equipment systems that are used in over 4,000 facilities worldwide.  Our mountainside coasters and slides are leading the industry in safety innovation and our enhanced track designs offer a more improved and exciting rider experience.  Our superior products and industry expertise increases programming, enhances marketability, and delivers improved profitability to your facility.

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Experienced Partner

Real world experience as builders, engineers and manufacturers allows us to continually learn and improve product designs to meet the changing needs within the industry.  From technological advances to improved delivery and product support, we cater to our client’s needs to create the perfect product packages that marry the possibilities of their property with the desires of their guests.

Design & Supply

Our product design & supply solution not only combines your construction expertise with our design and equipment, it provides a partnership that helps you get your water or mountainside attraction operational in less time, with less complication.  Our commitment to product development extends way beyond the sale to ensure that your equipment and attraction are fully functional and operating at optimal capacity. Concentrate on construction and we’ll make sure the right equipment is on the job when you need it.  If you need a visit during construction from one of our project managers – we’ll be there.  No other company in the industry has the resources and support staff to get you up and running like ADG, from complete design/build services to product development, supply and on-going support.

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Manufacturing for all of our products takes place in our plant located at our corporate headquarters in upstate NY.  From wave machines and programmable pools, to water filtration and mountainside track systems, all ADG products are manufactured and designed to surpass industry standards and provide the most reliable and longest lasting results available.

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