Our Approach

Concept Planning

Water Park Design and Construction Process

Beyond the edge of the pool.  ADG’s approach to all client projects starts with our unique InDepth™ process.  Unlike any other company in the industry, our “get it done” culture and business-grounded approach ensures that every step in the process, whether it’s for a comprehensive design/build waterpark project or an innovative product design and supply, is carried out in the best interest of your business – designed to generate revenue and enhance guest experience, constructed to meet your financial goals and time constraint needs.

Innovative Partnership

DesignGroupDrawing_1000pxWideADG is committed to offering our clients smart solutions for real success. Our InDepth™ philosophy is built on the foundation of creating a true partnership between ourselves and our client  that enables us go beyond the the “edge of the pool” and address the project as it relates to the business as a whole.  Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of our client’s customers and their business. Every project, from a waterfront addition, to a brand new waterpark design/build, to our revenue generating aquatic and mountainside products, is created, designed and built around our client’s need to generate revenue while offering their guests the memorable experiences they will want to return for again and again.

Experience Like No Other

For over half a century, ADG has helped lead the way in creating superior settings in all aspects of aquatic and leisure recreation. Our revenue generating design and product innovation is based on a keen understanding of our client’s end user experience. Our knowledgeable and experienced team tailors plans to your property and budget, while our attractions are made to anticipate and satisfy the needs of your guests. Making your vision a reality, and getting it right, from conceptual renderings and planning to innovative recreational product design, inspires the dedicated team at ADG. We are committed to delivering smart, bottom-line strengthening products and solutions.

Inspired By Client Success

The ADG InDepth™ advantage is experience and knowledge, with a laser focus on budget, schedule and long term benefits for our clients and their guests. We marry design, function and cost to ensure that product plans and design concepts lead to successful projects. And that successful projects lead to real results. ADG’s business-focused approach motivates us to continue to find new avenues for delivering recreational attractions and venues that draw visitors and enhance profitability.

Smart, Flexible ApproachExpandEntertainmentICON

When you work with ADG, you get a team of professionals with experience and depth like no other. ADG’s vertical integration allows our designers and engineers to tap into our in-house manufacturing and construction resources. And our customized project approach provides you with the option to work with ADG in a variety of ways, based on your needs and resources. No other company has the ability to offer the flexibility on project fulfillment and follow-through, from concept to completion, like ADG.

  • Product Supply: Innovation & Technology in Your Hands

    ADG has a long standing record of being first to market with groundbreaking technological products, from variable pattern wave generators to collision avoidance systems to surfing attractions.  Read More »

  • Design/Build: From Concept to Completion in Less Time

    With planning, design, construction, manufacturing and service personnel all under one roof, ADG has the ability to ensure a quality project from start to finish, delivered on-budget and on-time. Read More »

Innovative. Experienced. Inspired. Smart

No matter the project scope, ADG is experienced and flexible enough to deliver a revenue-generating attraction from concept through to completion, on-time and on-budget, with flexible design, build and delivery options that work for your organization. For over 50 years, our InDepth knowledge and in-house resources have let us accomplish waterpark design and construction projects in a time frame that no other company in the industry can match. Download the ADG InDepth™ Palm Card here then read more about how our approach can apply to your specific needs. >>>

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