Ski Resorts

A cure for short seasons and no snow…

Ski resorts today are faced with incredible challenges as they try to battle weather, a plethora of entertainment options and dwindling discretionary income. Getting people to your mountain-based resort in the 21st century needs to be about more than skiing and snowboarding.

Think about it. It is generally accepted that there are around 10 million winter participants in the United States today meaning that ski resorts are actively targeting only about 3.5% of the U.S. population. To increase revenue generation potential, ski resorts must embrace new activities and technologies to draw a broader spectrum of resort visitors.

Our experience and aquatic equipment systems have been used in hundreds of waterparks around the world. We’ve worked with ski areas including Camelback Ski Resort to create full blown outdoor waterparks that operate counter to the ski season. ADG is currently working with Jay Peak Resort to build an indoor waterpark attached to their main hotel that will let guests play in the water and ski all in the same day!

ADG provides a vast array of services and products to meet any phase of project development or implementation. Our services and products include: