Competition Pools

Building a Competition Pool

Building a competition pool is different than any other aquatic swimming pool design. Whether it’s a high school swim meet or competitive Collegiate or Olympic swimming, ADG understands the difference that technology and superior products can bring to competition pool design. Our competition pool products are used in schools, universities, and training pools across the world, enhancing facilities and providing athletes with a competitive edge.

Competition Pool Design Begins with Quality ProductsCompetition Pools

When building a competition pool, you can meet the needs of each event, meet, and swimmer with ADG’s line of quality products:

Competition PoolsCompetitive Pool Enhancements

Competitive pools are about speed, and “Fast water” is the driving force behind competitive pool technological innovation at Aquatic Development Group. They also require some feature enhancements specific to competitive swimming. Building a true competitive pool requires experience with pairing specified competitive pool dimensions to the physical requirements of your project goals and budget.

ADG builds competitive pools using Whitten branded systems to maximize the aesthetic appeal, operation and competitive advantage of your project. For example, slip resistant tile integrated into a stainless steel gutter, provides for faster flip turns and a long lasting, easy to see lane marker/target.

In order to swim as fast as possible, the water surface needs to be as calm as possible. This is not an easy task to accomplish. Whitten employs multiple systems to help overcome this participant “surge” of water in the pool to keep the surface as calm as possible thus creating the ultimate competition pool. Central to this effort is the stainless steel perimeter overflow system or gutter and the associated surge tank. Correctly configured, a stainless steel gutter can effectively circulate water within the pool, while controlling dynamic surge. When manufactured in the correct size and with an appropriate surge control and water level management system, the gutter system can effectively manage water surge to keep the pool surface as calm as possible.

No Matter What Competition Pool you are Designing…

ADG has the quality, services, and products to make your competition pool have the winning edge! Build your competition pool with the assurance that ADG will bring you gold!