Indoor and Outdooor Waterfront Designs for Hotels and Resorts

Recreational aquatic settings that enhance guest appeal and generate revenue for your resort.

Indoors or outdoors, the right aquatic strategy for your resort can have a significant impact on your brand and your bottom line, transforming your resort from a place to stay into a true vacation destination. But how do you know what features will capture your brand’s unique appeal? Optimize your revenue? Increase your occupancy? That’s where ADG can help.

Planning & Design to Fit Your BrandGaylord Texan Resort 3

From the placement of every lounge chair, towel station and umbrella to the location of food and beverage stations, control portals and access paths, the entire design and function of your resort water environment is carefully considered and planned in order to enhance guests’ entertainment value and increase revenue generating opportunities.  Our unique InDepth approach to developing waterparks and resort aquatic settings takes into consideration all aspects of your brand and your resort.  From bright, colorful play structures to elegant and sophisticated adult swim areas, ADG designs and builds aquatic settings to enhance guest appeal and set your resort apart from the competition.

Innovative Products and Settings

Develop multiple aquatic settings to attract and capture both leisure and business dollars by creating spaces that appeal to both audiences.  For over 50 years we have been building and manufacturing the industries leading aquatic products and developing recreational water settings that enhance guest experience and appeal.

Waterfronts by ADGWaterfronts by ADG. Unique, revenue generating aquatic settings can set your resort apart from the competition and create the destination experience your guests are searching for.  Pre-designed Waterfronts can easily be incorporated into any existing square footage and themed to match your resort style and brand.  From relaxing to adventurous, adult to family fun, a Waterfront by ADG can create the marketable settings and features that make your resort a true destination.  Read more here >>>


Waterfronts by ADGFlowRider® by ADG.   The world’s most popular flowboarding attraction, FlowRider® creates the perfect setting for private events and family fun. With proven appeal across multiple demographics, particularly the key teen and young adult market, this popular skill-based attraction is a proven winner for encouraging repeat visitation and driving traffic to your resort. Popular with both participants and observers, it creates the perfect setting for generating additional revenue through branded retail and F&B sales. Learn more here  >>>


Download the FlowRider for Resorts Brochure.

See our List of FlowRider Resort Installations in North America.


Water and Amusement ParksThe Indoor Advantage.  The appeal of year round summer weather is undeniable. With guaranteed 80 degree weather and the ability to design features and attractions to match your resort style and theme, an indoor waterpark or resort spa setting may be the ideal option for differentiating your resort.  Indoor aquatic settings have been proven to increase guest appeal, occupancy, room rates and length of stay by 15% to 30%, as well as increase ADR by $50 to $125, making the addition of an indoor aquatic setting both weather-proof and recession-proof. Read more about our indoor waterpark environments here >>>

Experienced Partner

ADG brings over 50 years of experience in aquatic design, development and construction to the hotel and resort industry. You get a team of experts dedicated to creating unique, revenue-generating aquatic environments and attractions based on your resort’s unique brand, guest profile and square footage.  ADG is flexible enough to work with you no matter the project scope and experienced enough to deliver a revenue-generating attraction and resort style setting, from concept to completion, cost effectively and in less time.  Contact ADG today and find out how we can help you turn your property into the year-round vacation destination your guests are looking for.

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