Advantages in Summer Activities at Ski Mountains May 12, 2015

The Benefits of Re-Positioning to a Multi-Season Resort

Climate change and competition for leisure dollars are the two reasons why summer activities, and the resulting re-positioning of winter resorts as multi-season resorts, are necessary. What that means for each individual resort, though, is different.

I imagine there are a few mountains that…Keep Reading

Add “Wow” to the Water May 12, 2015

At many aquatic facilities today, you probably notice a vast difference in size and scope from years ago. Designs have evolved from basic, rectangular-shaped pools equipped with a simple waterslide into expansive architectural settings that boast a resort-like feel, complete with larger waterpark thrills.

“If a ride or pool type was originally only designed for a large-scale waterpark, it…Keep Reading

Surf Simulators Take Center Wave May 6, 2015

As the amount of indoor waterpark square footage and number of outdoor waterparks increase in 2014 and 2015, many new parks are looking to the latest trend in recreational water entertainment to set them apart. Simulated surf machines provide a skill-based entertainment option and spectator sport. They are popular with…Keep Reading

Indoor Waterparks a Hot Commodity for 2015 May 6, 2015

Operators ride waves of financing as waterpark resorts pique interest

U.S. waterpark industry continues to swell, buoyed by increased lending and innovative attractions and the indoor waterpark in particular, is a hot commodity which saw rapid growth last year. According to a new report from Hotel & Leisure Advisors, 14 facilities…Keep Reading

Killington Ski Resort Partners with ADG April 1, 2015

Killington Ski Resort, VT signs ADG (Aquatic Development Group) to install its latest attraction, the ADG Mountain Coaster.

At 4,800 feet in length, the coaster starting point is at the base of Snowshed and extends up the mountain to the top of the ride where gravity takes over, turning…Keep Reading

Ski Industry at Critical Juncture February 19, 2015

Things are rosy in the ski industry this season.  But on the horizon…?

“Visitation to the country’s 470 resorts is strong and skiers are spending. But the horizon — even among the perennially goggle-tanned optimists who crowd the ski industry — is cloudy,”  says Jason Blevens from The Denver…Keep Reading

The Case for Creative Water August 11, 2014

Around the world, from large amusement parks to town parks, cruise ships to resorts, these destinations are proving that adding creative water can add to your bottom line.  Research has proven time and again that children and teens have a great deal of influence when it comes to selecting family…Keep Reading

Fundamentals in Waterpark Planning: More Than Just a Pretty Picture December 2, 2014

Thoughtful, integrated designs embrace operational realities by properly placing attractions to direct guest flow for maximum function, profits and returning fun.

The industry today has become flooded with splashes of color. Enticing looking slides and fancy graphics are done so well that one might get the impression that designing a waterpark is no…Keep Reading

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