Design/Build: The Waterpark Delivery Solution

The Design/Build Concept:

What is design-build? How will I benefit?
Why not some other method?

With over four decades of successful design/build work in the aquatic industry, Aquatic Development Group has the answers you need. By choosing design/build you tap into the benefits of time savings on project completion, cost savings, and improved communication between the design and construction teams. Choose design/build for the whole project or just the critical areas – We can help you decide.

Our Experience and Approach:

Since Aquatic Development Group is vertically integrated, we have planning, design, construction, manufacturing, and service personnel on staff all working together to create successful projects. We’re talking about a long-term commitment with an organization that’s been in the commercial aquatics business for more than forty years. We understand that your guests come for entertainment and you’re running a business. With design/build we maximize entertainment value while balancing constructability and cost.

It’s In the Details

At Aquatic Development Group, we’re accustomed to dealing with local building codes, health department approvals and other governmental regulatory requirements. Our in-house engineering staff will provide you with the most detailed and technically advanced construction documents available. Even if we are only involved with a single phase of your project, our commitment to performance, value and service is unprecedented.

Experience and Resources

Our vertical integration from planning through construction provides clients with an unparalleled commitment to the success of every project. When you hire Aquatic Development Group as your design/build partner, you’re buying the experience that allows us to accept responsibility for delivering a quality project: on time and on budget.

Case Studies

The best way to understand what ADG is capable of delivering is to look at the projects we’ve built over the last 40+ years. With involvement in over 150 waterpark projects and with hundreds of aquatic facilities built, examples of our work are closer than you think. Take a look at our project profiles to learn that ADG can instill the confidence you need to pursue any project, no matter what size it is.