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Whitten is one of the most recognizable names in the commercial pool products and filter systems industry for more than 40 years. Offering a complete range of products, Whitten has the ability to supply all aspects of a commercial pool project’s equipment needs.

WHITTEN Creates an Extensive Line of Commercial Swimming Pool Equipment

There is no other commercial swimming pool supplier with such an extensive array of equipment and products as Whitten. No matter what your aquatic program requires, Whitten is the commercial swimming pool supplier you need:

The WHITTEN Products lines include:

Swimming Pool Bulkheads (or Dividers) Whitten is a leading supplier of moveable pool dividers often referred to as “bulkheads.” A pool divider, or bulkhead, must be compatible in size, profile and performance with the pool, its potential users and the intended programs of the aquatic facility.

Commercial Sand Filters Aquatic Development Group offers unequalled experience in public pool filtration equipment. Whitten’s field-tested filtration systems include Vacuum Filtration and Pressure Filtration Systems. And since a single filter design will not fit every pool type and equipment location, ADG can custom engineer a filtration system to your specifications.

Competitive Dive Training Systems The SOFTentry Sparger System is a competitive dive training system that utilizes air diffusers installed in the pool floor directly under the diving platforms to aerate the water; creating a much softer landing area and a clear visual reference to the water surface for the diver. As air is released into the pool a uniform mixture of air and water is created in the diver’s entry area that creates a significantly less dense medium for the diver to enter and lessens the fear of injury during training.

Perimeter Overflow Pool Systems (Gutters) The Whitten Uniflow II delivers a properly sized solution that requires single supply and collection points with a very short run of piping to the mechanical system and no buried perimeter piping. With a variety of custom forms available, there is a Uniflow II Stainless steel gutter that is easily custom tailored far any commercial pool functional requirement.

WHITTEN is the Premiere Commercial Pool Supplier

Whitten’s wide-ranging depth of experience includes over 4,000 facilities from the U.S. Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, CO to the “First Pool” at The White House in Washington, D.C.

Whitten’s specialty commercial pool equipment includes Competition Starting Platforms, Specialty Ladders, Anti-Vortex Plate, Access Hatches, Floor and Wall Inlets, Grating, Hair and Lint Strainers, Modulation valves, Puddle Flanges, Wall Skimmers, Water Level Control Systems, Flow Metering Systems and Gauge Panels. If you have a commercial swimming pool, then chances are, you need Whitten.