Work should be fun

Welcome to the world of amusement/resort design where you can create facilities that vacationers flock to so they can be tossed around by 8 ft. waves, sun themselves in an indoor beach, climb a 60 ft. tower to careen down a 14 ft. diameter raft slide or indoor roller coaster. Some find just as much enjoyment sitting by the juice bar watching live surfing or coasting in the lazy river. These are some of the exciting environments ADG’s talented staff has created while working for the world’s leading designer for family entertainment, leisure and recreational facilities.

While ADG’s headquarters is located in Upstate New York; projects span the globe. Client list includes Sea World, Disney, Six Flags, Wet n’ Wild, Paramount, Kalahari Resorts, and Dollywood.

There is a current frenzy to add indoor water parks to resorts, hotels, ski areas, and golf courses, to name a few venues throughout the country. ADG is looking for dynamic and talented individuals to meet the growing need.

ADG, Inc. is located in New York State’s Capital Region near Albany and historic Saratoga; flanked by New York City, Boston and Montreal. ADG offers competitive wages, benefits and is dedicated to the spirit of teamwork.

If you are interested in exploring an exciting opportunity, have technical skills and knowledge ready for expansion, click on the employment opportunities below:

Employment Opportunities:

Assistant Project Manager – October 2014

Superintendent – October 2014

Service Technicians – October 2014

Construction Estimator – October 2014

Architect/Landscape Architect – October 2014

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